happiness is flying
with your own wings

Mental health counseling in a safe place for reflection,
personal growth and healing.


Whether you are looking for guidance, dealing with a specific challenge, or seeking a long-term support system, you will always be treated with

and respect.

you’re our priority

helping you create strong connections and support systems
ATTAIN skills you need to deal with whatever life may throw at you
Empowering you to create and live the life you want
providING you with the care and support that you deserve

if you are . . .

feeling stuck

In negative thinking or trapped by anxious thoughts.


By your life situation and cannot see a way out.


You need someone to help you focus.


You’re looking for support going through a hard time.

No matter what your situation, PsycHealth Services can help.

Call us today, we can work together to sort things out.

To get started with living your life sometimes one must take a leap of faith and take that first step to start living. In April 2017, I took the first step to start living my life. I talked myself into seeking counseling to purge my mind and wound up healing my soul. All my life I have held things in and never really talked about things happening in my life - good or bad. In 2014, my mother was diagnosed with dementia and this turned my so-called okay life into a pure nightmare. After almost 2 years of full-time weekend duty caring for my mom I had had enough. I finally decided I needed a change. I knew I had to let go of all the guilt I was feeling for giving up, but as I say, I talked myself into seeking counseling and it has been the best 10 weeks of my life. I feel free, I was seeking peace of mind and that is what I found. Thank you Dina!
…I actually no longer feel the need to go to therapy…thank you for your time and opening up the doors for this healthy way of dealing with things….
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Dina creates a calm and safe space to let out all feelings with no judgement, no pressure, and no unrealistic expectations. Encourages progress at your pace. She's very real, as well as compassionate. Also, very accommodating with scheduling. Even went out of her way to work with my insurance. Forever grateful. Thank you, Dina!"

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