In these hectic times, being a mom can be both rewarding and completely exhausting. Modern times impose a fast way of living, with infinite obligations. Moms are especially hit by this new reality, as they have little or no time to unwind and relax. This is a common worldwide issue. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and in this post, we’re going to list some tips to help overwhelmed moms, overwhelmed single moms, and overwhelmed working moms feel better.

Common problems that overwhelmed moms face

With numerous issues moms can face, everyday life can become very challenging. If those challenges are not being addressed properly, mom burnout can occur easily, which can only make it worse. However, with the right tips, time management skills, and a genuine desire, overwhelmed moms can learn and grow from this experience.

Here are some common problems that moms face that we have identified:


Overwhelmed moms’ exhaustion is related to the physical and psychological overwhelm imposed by parenting. In addition to insufficient sleep or irregular sleep patterns, the issue can become serious and can lead to severe parenting and mom burnout. The symptoms of exhaustion can also be worsened by the subjective feeling of not being a good parent, and a desire to be a perfect parent. Exhaustion intensifies when moms overinvest in their parenting role for too long, due to society’s pressure and perfectionism tendencies. At that time, it might seem like there is no way out that will not compromise a relationship with the child.

Doubt/feeling you’re not a good mother

Moms’ life is intricated with different concerns and doubts from the very start. Questions like these often occupy moms’ minds: “Do I know what my baby needs? Or, do I know how to recognize when my kid’s needs are not satisfied? How to find time for myself without compromising my child’s needs? Am I doing all this mommy stuff properly?”

Questions like this can be a burden. Plus the mom’s guilt can feel impossible to overcome. However, they may be a good indicator that you’re really conscientious and dedicated. What you need to know is there’s no need to burden yourself with doubts and questions like this, because everyone really does their best, especially when it comes to such delicate things as parenting. Give yourself a little more freedom to be you, to find your “me” time, and embrace the fact that although you might not be a perfect parent, you’re good enough and don’t need to punish yourself with mom guilt or working mom guilt.

Marriage issues

Disconnection from a spouse can be a common issue in parents with newborns. In some situations, you may feel so alienated from your partner that you no longer spend quality time with him. No matter how stressful life with a newborn can be, disconnection from your partner will make it worse. You’ll feel like there’s no one who could help you with everyday chores and that you have no one to talk to.

Here are some tips on how to reconnect with your partner:

  • Allocate some time slots during the day for your quality time together
  • Share emotions and reveal your inner thoughts and fears
  • Make mutual future plans and tackle everyday issues together
  • Try relationship therapy in Chicago, Il if you need an additional set of eyes to help you work through issues.

Sleep deprivation

Mom standing against grey background holding white pillows. Being a mom is challenging, so if you're feeling like an overwhelmed mom in Riverside, Il you're not alone. Whether its mom burnout or mom guilt, we can help you.If you’re constantly unable to get decent rest during the night, it can push you over the edge. If it’s extended for too long, it can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Here are some of the consequences sleep deprivation can cause: sudden mood swings, irritability, issues with your immune system, brain fog during the day, and inability to effectively perform your tasks.

It’s vital for you to end this vicious cycle and get some decent sleep when possible. For example, you can seek help from your friends, parents, or a neighbor.

Lack of “ME” time

The lack of “Me” time is a reality for many parents with newborns. Sometimes it can lead you to feel like an overwhelmed mom, and to the lack of activities in your life, you used to enjoy. If you plan to catch up with your friends, you can try to include your baby as well! Focus on your friends who already have kids and organize some fun events with them. Also, you can try babysitting on some occasions when you feel you need a romantic evening with your partner.

Dissatisfaction with how you look

Giving birth is one of the most wonderful things you can experience. However, it takes a great toll on your body, leaving you with stubborn fat, and stretch marks. Moreover, you feel kind of bloated and out of shape. You may even feel strange in your own body. What you can make in this situation is to bear in mind that it takes a while to return to the previous shape you had and that it’s ok. There is no overnight success in regaining your shape. Try to embrace your body as it fulfills an important role for you and your baby. If you need further support mentally, emotionally, and physically with the new change, try therapy for weight loss in Chicago, IL. Together we can create a plan that supports you and is realistic for where you are.

Overwhelmed mom issues in the post-covid times

In general, the pandemic imposed an additional burden on parents. There are more overwhelmed moms than ever and much more stressed moms at that. Changes in the working routine, homeschooling, or a potential job loss, forced us to quickly adapt. Moms were especially hit with these hectic changes, as many of them started working from home while taking care of kids and household chores. It’s not uncommon to work long hours, and help children in schooling while taking care of preparing meals and other daily tasks. A daily routine like this can put a tremendous strain on the work-life balance.

During these difficult times, it’s ok to feel like an overwhelmed mom who is struggling. As long as you’re able to find some time to relax and unwind throughout the day, it’s ok. However, by turning to negative habits such as alcohol to help you get through these difficulties and cope with possible anxiety and depressive symptoms, the problem can only be worsened. It’s ok to seek professional help when life makes it hard to deal with all those uncertainties. We offer both in-person therapy in Riverside, Il, and online therapy in Illinois for further support.

Issues for stay-at-home moms

Some might think that stay-at-home moms have an idyllic lifestyle because they don’t have to work, and all that they need to do is take care of kids and a husband. However, is it indeed just like that? Stay-at-home mums can experience insecurity, feeling worthless about not bringing home a monthly paycheck, loneliness, a lack of accomplishment, and alienation from a partner.

What you can do is team up with other stay-at-home mums or your friends to complete daily chores. Also, if you feel you’re lacking your free time, you can get up earlier, and while everyone’s sleeping, you can get your daily dose of meditation, reading, exercise, or just contemplating. If you feel bored or lonely, you can find yourself some activities outside your home you can take part in if conditions allow it.

Issues for single moms

Mom laying on ground lifting happy daughter up on knees. If you're done with the mom burnout, mom guilt, or working mom guilt, read our blog to get self care tips. Overwhelmed moms in riverside, il need support too! Try in-person or online therapy when you're ready.

It’s especially hard for single mothers to get a work-life balance and avoid burnout. In addition to these issues, many single moms face financial insecurity, lack of support and leisure time, emotional emptiness, and more. Many overwhelmed single moms in Riverside, IL is forced to work additional hours to provide for their children.

In case you’re a single mom, here are some tips that can help you feel relieved a bit: take care of your diet and water intake while on the go, add little breaks from work during the day, connect to other single moms for support and guidance, ask for help, try to work flexible hours and work from home if possible.

Issues for working moms

Working moms as well cannot keep a work-life balance, this may lead to a lot of working mom guilt and mom burnout. In addition to the commute time, they have limited time to spend with their kids and husband. Working moms often feel guilty for not being able to be there for their kids for more hours through the day. Also, it’s not uncommon for overwhelmed working moms to question their priorities and whether or not they want a career like that. Needless to say, it’s also hard for working moms to unwind and find time for relaxation.

What might help on such occasions is to seek a more flexible position, or work from home if possible if that suits you. Also, help your partner understand his importance and duties in the family so that you can tick some tasks off your list.

Mom kneeling on ground with hands on head in distress next to upset daughter. When you're struggling to find peace as overwhelmed moms in riverside, il getting support matters. Overcoming mom guilt or working mom guilt, with a skilled online therapist in Illinois. Call now!

Burnout symptoms for overwhelmed moms in Chicago, IL, and Illinois

You feel extremely stressed out if your kid requires every single minute of your day, and you feel you’re running on empty, you might be at risk for mom burnout. Mom burnout as a parent happens when parents can’t cope with the intensity of the required daily parenting activities and feel depleted. Therefore, it’s important to act on time since burnout recovery takes much more time and energy if it’s not addressed promptly.

The common symptoms of mom burnout are:

  • Perfectionism – when you feel like you have to do it the proper way, or not to do it at all
  • Mom Guilt – you feel ashamed for feeling this way because you believe it’s not allowed for a good mother to have these kinds of thoughts and feelings
  • Overwhelm – you’re just overwhelmed with tasks you should do, and you don’t allow yourself time to rest until everything is done
  • Self-pressure – you force yourself to go above and beyond in parenting because you think your kid might suffer if you put it otherwise
  • Loneliness and shame – it’s hard for you to open up and talk to others about your issues because you feel ashamed
  • Not bonding with children – the lack of energy to show affection and love to your children
  • Losing interest in things you love – you feel like you just can’t enjoy your favorite show, singer, or any other activity you used to enjoy
  • Sleep issues – you frequently wake up during the night overthinking, or you can’t sleep at all
  • Rising anxiety – you feel very anxious and stressed all the time, and you don’t know how to relax, because nothing seems to be working anymore
  • Feeling resentful – you hate the situation you’re in and feel burdened with the daily tasks that you have no one to delegate to
  • Short-tempered – you find it easy to lose your temper and you can’t help it

How to cure mom burnout in Chicago, IL?

The best advice here is to act promptly when you experience the symptoms listed above because passivity will only make it worse. Mom burnout is a vicious cycle that will push you deeper into this unpleasant state. Here are some tips on what you can do to reduce burnout symptoms.

Ask for help

You don’t have to do it alone. It’s a plain truth that we sometimes refuse to believe. Have an inner talk with yourself and try to understand why it’s hard for you to give up control. Do you believe you have to do it all by yourself because you have no one to count on? Or maybe you think you can rely on yourself only? What is important here is to understand the limiting beliefs that originate from those statements. It’s ok to give up control in case we feel like overwhelmed moms and feel like we cannot take it anymore. Think of it this way: does your kid need a perfect mother or a mother that is happy and relaxed?

Reorganize your day

Think about how to make some additional time during the day that would be dedicated just for you. Think about this as a necessity, not an option. The only way to charge your batteries is to find some time throughout the day to relax and to be with your own thoughts. As humans, we all need breaks sometimes. Give yourself the chance to rest whenever you need to.

Talk it out

Find a friend you can trust and share how you feel – it’s vital to share your concerns and worries. Overthinking won’t help you feel better, it will just make you feel more desperate. However, if you speak your concerns loudly, you’ll feel a tremendous burden fall off your chest, which is an instant relief.

Seek professional help

In case unbearable symptoms are persistent, the best advice is to consult a specialist who will give you the best advice on your current situation and symptoms. Mom burnout is a severe state that sometimes can be successfully resolved with a specialist who will understand your point of view and who’ll be able to create a customized approach to your needs. Our in-person and online therapists in Illinois can support you in postpartum depression treatment, anxiety or depression therapy, stress therapy, weight-loss treatment, counseling for parents, and more.

General tips for balance, reducing mom guilt, and avoiding mom burnout

Seemingly, mom burnout can happen anytime if you’re a parent. In addition, it’s especially difficult for parents who work from home to keep their sanity and decent energy levels. Here are some tips you can use to cut the mom burnout out from the start:

Get the help you need at PsycHealth Services in Chicago, IL and Riverside, IL

Our trained professionals at PsycHealth Services in Chicago, IL can provide you with a treatment plan and give you the support you need to improve your wellbeing. Therapy is usually a large part of an effective treatment plan that helps people understand what they are going through. Our in-person and online therapists in Riverside, Chicago, and Illinois can give you the support you need as you begin to make the necessary changes in your life to be the mom you want to be, while also taking care of yourself. At PsycHealth Services we offer in-person and online therapy sessions, if you’re interested in therapy for moms, then follow these simple steps:

1. Contact PsycHealth Services

2. Meet with one of our skilled therapists

3. Begin to understand your emotions while making balanced and thoughtful decisions to help you manage the everyday pressure of being the perfect mom

Other Therapy services at PsycHealth Services

At Psychhealth inc, we strive to support families, moms, parents, and teens, along with high-achieving professionals. We know that with all of the tasks on your plate, prioritizing your mental health may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it is crucial for a healthy balance. We provide services for moms, but we can help you with a wide variety of concerns at our online therapy practice based in Riverside, IL. Other mental health services PsycHealth Services provides include individual counseling for teens and adults, relationship therapycounseling for weight loss, anxiety treatmentpostpartum therapystress therapy, counseling for parents, and depression treatment. We offer online and in-person therapy. Begin your therapy journey in Riverside, Berwyn, Lyons, Brookfield, Stickney, or anywhere in the state of Illinois.

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