Therapy for Weight Loss in Riverside, IL

  • You usually have it all together; however, right now you are struggling.
  • These emotions range from feeling stuck and hopeless to depression and anxiety.
  • Everything feels like a challenge.
  • Or, you’re having a difficult time trying to find the motivation to continue with your wellness journey.
Girls riding bikes near ocean. If you’re worried about weight loss and wonder ican therapy help with weight loss, then talk with our weight loss therapist. We can support you in weight loss counseling. Get support and find freedom here!

As women, we often feel like we must have it all together all the time. You may be thinking “I’ve got this under control”. Perhaps, you work, take care of kids, or go to school. It is easy to think that you could never be the one to struggle or let yourself go.

It is easy to believe that we can have our eating habits, workouts, and work/life balance in control all the time. However, as time gets away from you, you may begin to realize your body is changing and you cannot keep up.